Thomas Sawyer was soaked with his own urine due to TSA agents negligence. Yes, again.

Again, Thomas Sawyer was soaked with his own urine due to the negligence of TSA agents. Yes, again. Last November he suffered at the inept hands of TSA agents breaking lose his urostomy bag spilling its contents all over him in public. Now it has happened again. Even after the public spotlight that was put on them last time, the huge outcry and the subsequent forced personal apology from the TSA administrator John Pistole this man was subjected to this treatment for a second time.

Sawyer said he warned agents to be careful of his urostomy bag while at the Detroit Metro Airport en route to Orlando on July 14th, and that both of them handled him roughly.

This is a training and supervisory issue. Overstepping TSA rules aside, this is a fundamental problem with the way the TSA conducts operations at airport checkpoints. Training may include directions on how to be aware of persons that need special handling but in the field it’s not apparently not being followed by the agents. Even worse it shows gross negligence on the part of the supervisor staff on site.

Gate Rape

What apology can replace this man’s dignity or that of the 95-year-old cancer stricken woman who was a TSA victim in recent months?


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