Pre Arrest Images And Detention Story From An Occupy Wall Street Protestor

Occupy Wall Street - 09/24/11 - @jopauca

NYPD tries to barricade the gatherers

Occupy Wall Street protestor Joshua Paul snapped these photos before being arrested with several others, totaling about 100 arrested that day, during the September 24th event in NYC. Joshua spent 12 hours incarcerated for his participation in a peaceful protest. After being released he returned to the event.

We came from all places – Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Florida. It was incredible to see how diverse we were and hear where everyone was from. I looked out the window and the rest of #OccupyWallSt was

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outside, cheering and supporting us. One supporter came to the window, touched his heart and glass and said, “I love you all.”

Joshua gives his take on the days events and time behind bars with other protestors. “Detained with #OccupyWallSt

The protest has been going on for 10 days at this point non stop with participants camping out over night. Affiliated protests have begun in Chicago and Boston with plans for DC soon.

Occupy Wall Street - 09/24/11 - @jopauca

Bloody mouth woman being arrested

Occupy Wall Street - 09/24/11 - @jopauca

Arrested and injured

Occupy Wall Street - 09/24/11 - @jopauca

Protestors stand their ground arm in arm


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*Images used with permission from Joshua Paul


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