Jeremy Lin SI Cover Begs To Be Meme

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If you aren’t aware of who Jeremy Lin is then you must be that guy living under the rock in the Geico commercial. Or his buddy living next to him. Jeremy’s Cinderella story has been everywhere. Linsanity has invigorated the New York Knicks and their fans as well as fans of basketball period, has caused some controversy from unfortunately worded headlines, and showed what can happen when perseverance and talent pays off.

Jeremy Lin’s moment in the limelight has garnered him two back to back Sports Illustrated covers, an honor only two other NBA stars, Dirk Nowitzki and Michael Jordan, have received. Good for you Jeremy.

That brings us to this. Jeremy Lin’s first Sports Illustrated cover. Look at that expression on Lin’s face and posture as he seems to say “Haha can’t catch me!” to his opponents. This picture is a meme waiting to happen. I can see Lin sprinting across water or maybe turned into a new phrase type meme in the spirit of the Most Interesting Man in the World or Joseph Ducreux. A new meme based around Jeremy Lin would certainly fit into all the Linsanity going on.

Jeremy Lin - Sports Illustrated

Haha. Bet Kobe knows me now!

Yea, that’s Meme Gold right there.



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