Honey Treats Coughs Better Than Drugs

A new study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine shows what your grandparents or great grandparents already knew, that honey helps to soothe coughs and does it better than drugs. The use of honey as medicine goes further back than the ancient Egyptians who used honey for all sorts of purposes. Aside from its nutritive and cough benefits it tastes much better too. Now we just have to stop knowingly killing the bees with pesticides so that they can be there for us.

People have become more concerned with the effects of toxic chemical drug combinations that carry all sorts of side effects and keep the pharmaceutical industry in business. In the past few years the FDA has advised not to use cold medicines on children under the age of six and it even came to light that a lot of over the counter meds for colds don’t work anyway. Colds naturally go away on their own in a few days anyway. Many doctors will prescribe antibiotics for colds or flu’s, even though they know it has no effect, just so the patient feels something is being done. The result is that we are building up a tolerance to antibiotics making them less effective when they are really needed.

“We are in an age of newfound caution when it comes to dosing our kids for minor illnesses,” says Doering. “Personally, as a pharmacist, I always feel uncomfortable recommending a chemical solution to every ill that comes along.”

Apparently the one warning to using honey is that in very young children, under age 1, whose immune systems aren’t developed completely yet, there is a risk of botulism from ingesting honey.

Like I said, the benefits of honey is something your grandparents already knew. Giggity.


Jaylon Carter

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