Hawaii Bus Stop Moved Due To Elderly Homeless Woman’s Odor

Homeless Woman's Hawaii Bus Stop Home

The city moved a bus stop about 60 feet away due to the smell of an elderly homeless woman who has taken up residence under the shelter for the past year. Citizens complained to the city about the smell of the woman living at the bus stop on Kapiolani Boulevard. Those that had to catch the bus at that stop didn’t like waiting there because the smell was so

bad. Also bus riders complained that when the bus stop there and the doors opened up the odor would extend to inside the bus. It’s not illegal for her to be there so the city can’t force her to leave. She’s homeless so she has nowhere to go anyway.

The first article I read on this didn’t mention anything but complaints and the move of the bus stop to 60 feet away. It really had me a bit disturbed that the ultimate solution was to just move the stop and continue as if she wasn’t there, a non entity. However upon looking up the story on a Hawaii newspaper site it turns out that the city will extend help to the woman.

The Community Services Department will try to help the woman find alternate shelter, said [City Transportation Services Director Wayne Yoshi­oka].



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