Dr. Cornel West At Occupy Wall Street Protest “The elite will tremble in their boots.”

Dr. Cornel West at Occupy Wall Street

Dr. Cornel West, Princeton University professor and activist, showed up at the Occupy Wall Street protest and spoke to the crowd joining the likes of Immortal Technique and Michael Moore among others. He makes the point here that unity is key.

“When you bring folks together, all colors, all cultures, all genders, all sexual orientations, the elite will tremble in their boots.”

True indeed as long as those people persevere and stay united. Time will slowly wear on supporters and with these protests largely going ignored by those elite it will take more of it to get their serious attention. At some point though, the longer the protests lasts, the more participates join in and the more cities it spreads to will make the demonstrations more impossible to ignore. Already mainstream media, who have largely ignored the movement is starting to pick up on bits here in there. If there is really a purposed and systematic mainstream media black out the industry will betray its own directive at some point. It must. The industry won’t tolerate one competitor to have coverage they aren’t covering because they want the viewers (read money). So small bits of coverage from one network will force the next one to up their coverage and then the media spectacle and attention begins. Their common uniter is also their common exploitable weakness. Money. If you don’t like how your bank is treating you and you walk away with your money they don’t really care because you are one. If a mass group of people do the same together they will pay attention. That is a tool that can be used against them but organization and being united is key.

Dr. Cornel West Ignites OWS NYC from JRL on Vimeo.

Don’t be afraid to say Revolution! – Dr. Cornel West



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