Al Jazeera Covers Occupy Wall Street Protests

Dozens of people have been arrested in New York after police shut down a protest against Wall Street financial firms.

The organiser of the demonstration, a group calling itself “Occupy Wall Street”, used social media to call for peaceful protests against what they describe as corporate greed in America.

They had hoped to turn the sit-in into an American version of Tahrir Square – a reference to the centre of the largely peaceful uprising in Egypt – before they say the police cracked down.

Al Jazeera’s Barbara Benitez reports.


It appears now, roughly 8 days later, media outlets are starting to pick up on the Occupy Wall Street protests. The lack of coverage had many suspecting a purposeful mainstream media blackout on the events. More police abuses are coming to light and protest organizers and groups plan to spread the occupation to other American cities.


Jaylon Carter

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