Tea Partier’s Applaud Letting The Uninsured Die

Ron Paul was asked a hypothetical question by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer during the Tea Party debates regarding whether or not a 30-year-old man who had a terrible accident should be left to die if he had no medical insurance. There was a brief burst, from a few members of the audience, of applause and a couple shouts of “Yea!” To be fair, yes even to the Tea Party, it was only a couple of people out of the entire audience that seemed to respond in the affirmative. However it is still an uncomfortable idea that fellow citizens would wish that upon someone.

Are some of us this insensitive, really? Is this what United in United States means to others? Now I do agree with Paul’s point that everyone has a personal responsibility to take care of their own health to avoid situations like what was posed in the question. Sometimes even the most prepared get caught off guard. In those times we should help if we can. That being said, in a society that depends on one another to function we all have a responsibility to take care of ourselves as best possible. The government has the responsibility of ensuring that selfish interests don’t hinder that ability. Monsanto I’m looking at you and your supporters.

The clip stops short but be clear Ron Paul said as a doctor he never turned away someone in need. Apparently some feel that’s too much to do for another. In a society that praises the likes of Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. how can we see it as so? Are we no longer those Americans?

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Jaylon Carter

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