Glenn Beck Trolls The Civil Rights Movement

I struggled to decide whether or not to do this post because the number one rule of the Internet is “Don’t feed the trolls.” If there was a troll league Glenn Beck would be in the hall of fame. If there was a troll government Glenn Beck would be in its congress. If there were […]

Newt Gingrich Tells Occupiers To Get A Job After Taking A Bath

Newt Gingrich seems to think being clever or funny while over looking the inequalities, corruption and predatory aspects of the system is being a good leader. I will concede that Newt’s statement was a pretty impressive display of assholery. I do reject though that the Occupy Wall Street protests and protestors feel entitled to a […]

Minister Farrakhan to the Media, “You’re all slaves and you love it!”

Minister Louis Farrakhan, during a commercial break on a Chicago radio show, called the media out on their failure to represent the truth. Cliff Kelley’s WVON 1690 AM “The Talk of Chicago” radio show hosted Farrakhan on October 25th, 2011 where the Minister spoke his mind to a room full of reporters. He aggressively took […]

Video Comparison:Does Veteran Shot At Occupy Wall Street Prove US Hypocrisy

Update: Anonymous claims Officer Scott Bergstresser as the shooter of Scott Olsen Take the above footage from the recent Occupy Oakland situation where Iraq Veteran Scott Thomas Olsen was shot in the head by police and is unconscious in critical condition with a fractured skull, brain swelling and brain damage risk and compare it to […]

Pepper Spray happy NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna Is punished…not really

So it seems MSNBC’s “The Last Word” host Lawrence O’donnell may have a future as a psychic. Weeks ago in a commentary about Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna’s pepper spray assault of corralled and surrounded unarmed young females during an Occupy Wall Street demonstration, O’donnel said that basically he would most likely get away with it. Good […]

Jay Smooth on Occupy Wall Street and co-opting the movement

If you’ve never been aware of Jay Smooth and his IllDoctrine observations, analysis and insights you have missed out. His take on situations are almost always on point. This time is no different. Jay speaks on Occupy Wall Street and how some people aren’t “getting it”. Of this I can relate as in these previous […]

Bloomberg backs down on Occupy Wall Street “cleaning” eviction

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, billionaire (roughly $18 billion) and 13th richest person in the United States, announced a few days ago that the Wall Street occupiers needed to leave for a few days so that the park could be “cleaned”. Brookfield Properties, the owner of the park, said the park had become unsanitary […]

NY’s Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg Says Occupy Wall Street Is Trying To Destroy Jobs

Yes you read the title right. On his weekly radio show, Bloomberg said the Occupy Wall Street protests “aren’t productive” and not good for tourism. Wall Street is the pillar of the New York state economy, making up 13 percent of tax contributions. “The protests that are trying to destroy the jobs of working people […]

Jon Stewart, MSNBC and an Online Petition Take Aim At Pepper Spraying Cop Anthony Bologna

Update: Pepper Spray happy NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna Is punished…not really NYPD Police Officer Anthony Bologna most recently known for pepper spraying corralled female protestors during the ongoing Occupy Wall Street demonstration isn’t new to the type of behavior he displayed on September 24th. Apparently this is par for the course for Tony Baloney. […]

Dr. Cornel West At Occupy Wall Street Protest “The elite will tremble in their boots.”

Dr. Cornel West, Princeton University professor and activist, showed up at the Occupy Wall Street protest and spoke to the crowd joining the likes of Immortal Technique and Michael Moore among others. He makes the point here that unity is key. “When you bring folks together, all colors, all cultures, all genders, all sexual orientations, […]

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