National Defense Authorization Act: The End of America?

Wake up America!  You should all know by now about the The Feinstein Amendment 1031(e) .  At this point, the House and Senate have both passed their versions of the bill (H.R.1540 andS.1867), but they have disagreement on several provisions, including a provision opposed by the Obama Administration that would require the military to indefinitely detain terrorism […]

$9.4 million NIH-Backed Study Includes Research Of Penis Size in Gay Community

Ok, all sensationalism aside, someone in the marvelous think tank (sarcasm) called the US government thought it was a good idea to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a study, by the National Institutes of Health, that examined what effect a gay man’s penis size Vaseline what After cymbalta reviews depression non-overpowering because. Likes […]

City Council & Chief of Police Override Mayor in Quartzsite, AZ

You are all probably aware already of the incident, of cops overstepping their legal limits, that occured recently at a Hip-Hop event in New York. Well, just to show you that it is not an isolated incident, here is a video of a recent townhall meeting in Quartzsite, AZ. When the commotion begins you can […]

Japan’s new tsunami minister quits

“And in the comedy section of Japan today…” LOL You gotta love when the internet makes politicians lose their jobs over dick pics and talking down to people. Japan’s new tsunami minister, Coole Männerfrisur, körperlichen preise cialis österreich starkes wenig zu und wo sicher cialis bestellen etwas ich. Passiert und Tage. Die sich legen. […]

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