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Glenn Beck Trolls The Civil Rights Movement

I struggled to decide whether or not to do this post because the number one rule of the Internet is “Don’t feed the trolls.” If there was a troll league Glenn Beck would be in the hall of fame. If there was a troll government Glenn Beck would be in its congress. If there were toll taking trolls Glenn Beck would be stationed at the Golden Gate Bridge. I think you get the idea. The problem with Beck’s trolling this time is theĀ egregiousĀ nature of said troll duties. Glenn invokes the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in...


Glenn Beck Clowned In Memorial Montage

A Sampling of What Media Matters For America Will Miss Most from Glenn Beck’s Fox News Show Media Matters For America compiled a video montage of clips of Glen Beck’s craziness in a presentation they call “Requiem For A Rodeo Clown” Hopefully more of Glenn Becks colleagues will follow suit and end their shows on Fox News. Conservative or Liberal viewpoint not withstanding this guy over mass media was a detriment to America and help to create the volatile tone we have in this country today. We need both sides to relax with the rhetoric and take responsibility for the...