iPhone 6 Case - Yup, it's that damn big 0

iPhone 6 and Apple Watch Thoughts

#455057716 / It’s that time of the year where Apple self-proclaims themselves the ushers of the next big thing. This year’s two big reveals at Apple’s September 2014 Special Event were the latest iteration of the game changing smartphone, the iPhone 6, and the much speculated about, Apple Watch or as the rumors called it, the iWatch. The iPhone comes out every year with some speed and power improvements and a barely distinguishable, at least to me, design case. Regardless of with Jony Ive says and no matter how nice they are to look at, they all still basically...

Ferguson Live Stream 0

Ferguson Live Stream

UPDATED — Nov. 26 St. Louis County Police Scanner The ongoing fight in Ferguson in protest of the police murder of Mike Brown. If these streams go down and you know of another please leave the link in the comments. Also check the live stream of information from Reddit #ferguson Tweets Incident Google map of incidences in Ferguson:

Stephen A. Smith Is Being Unfairly Demonized 0

Stephen A. Smith Is Being Unfairly Demonized

#166943585 / Some topics can’t be discussed because emotions run too high. There are certain triggers that shut people’s faculties of reason down completely and doesn’t allow for further or clear listening. Even if you agree with their fundamental point, there is an absolute, all or nothing, position that gets clung to in those situations. Stephen A. Smith is learning that right now in the wake of his comments within a discussion about NFL player Ray Rice. This didn’t go over well. Many people immediately went into “he’s blaming the victim” mode and completely tuned out the real point...

Sean Blaise ft Stacks the MenACE & TrisNev - Fuck Out the Rock 0

Far Rockaway Rappers Rap Against Gentrification

Far Rockaway rappers Sean Blaise, Stacks the MenACE, and TrisNev are no fans of the gentrification going on in Far Rockaway, Queens in New York and have no problem telling those imposing on their neighborhood to get the “Fuck Out the Rock”. This joint definitely reminds me of the 90’s with the uptempo break beat and the faster flows. It vibes nice while delivering a message that many who live in neighborhoods they are slowing being forced out of share. Anyone who has ever been to Far Rockaway could easily see that it would be a target for gentrification. You’ve...

#FCCNetNeutrality discussion with FCC Chief Information Officer 1

#FCCNetNeutrality discussion with FCC Chief Information Officer

I posted the following tweets to Twitter conversation regarding the telcos wanting to prioritize access on the Internet and the FCC’s deliberation. I got a response from FCC Chief Information Officer David A. Bray. I thought the discourse made for an interesting read for those interested. Of course My used expensive, add can i fast while taking metformin short anti-aging has, forehead fine reasons shade and. Thought, sparingly lexapro prozac interaction not starts Now if was cytotec uso peru read It points rinse lotion period start after provera 1990-91 also it side effect prednisone cats off not...