Occupy Wall Street Begins To Democratically Form The List Of Demands; Opens Voting

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Up until now the so far 10 day strong Occupy Wall Street has somewhat been directionless to a degree as no specific demands were voiced. Even some participants started to ask what it was they were demonstrating for specifically. The operating direction thus far has been to occupy and that demands would follow later. Welcome to later.

Coupmedia.org is playing host to the official directive for creating the demands. Suggestions are being taken from the people for inclusion in the list to be voted on by all. At the moment there are 22 items being voted on. Leading the way is a repeal of the Patriot Act and eliminating corporations being granted the same rights as people. Others are very ambitious like eliminating the Federal Reserve Bank, forgiving all student loan debt and reinstating the Glass–Steagall Act (a banking industry regulation that was repealed due to a bill introduced by Republicans Senator Phil Gramm (Texas) and House Representative Jim Leach (Iowa) .

Official Occupy Wall Street Demands | Voting Polls

With occupations already begun outside of New York in Chicago, Boston and Atlanta and more preparing to start soon this is a good time to get the demands together. I had a discussion yesterday with someone who is intrigued by the movement but was confused as to what the end game was. Due to not know what the ultimate goal was they were reluctant to participate or support the efforts.

This is understandable. People need to know what they are fighting for specifically. Also, I believe the biggest fear people have in standing up against anything is doing so alone. These demands that are up for vote are changes that have been discussed across the board and some of the points are direct causes for the problems America faces today. Other organizations and causes, like the budding Solid Ground movement petition, share common goals. The Patriot Act, for instance, has been a pain in the side of civil and privacy rights activist and citizens since its adoption. Even then Senator Barack Obama gave the impression he would be for repealing of the Patriot Act if he became President although the now President Barack Obama has since renewed it.

There is a lot of text on the pages that contain the demands. Anyone going into voting should read everything. Know what it is that you support. Not reading or paying attention to what is being voted on to represent you is why politicians, corporations, bankers and money and power brokers have the control that they have now. We The People not taking part in the governing of We The People let others wrestling control away from the hands that should hold the reins. They only have power if the people slip up and become apathetic to what affects them.

Regardless of what people think about President Obama or his politics his campaign and election showed what can happen when the masses combine and pay attention. His election and nomination was not in the plan but the unprecedented action of the people made it so. That is the lesson that should be remembered about that time and should be kept in mind now.

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