New America: The Crossing of the Fulcrum

“The White Establishment Is Now The Minority” – Bill O’Reilly

This is what is at the heart of the extremist views involving Obama for the most part. Bill is right, it is a changing country. We’ve been moving towards this change for a long time. What I believe we are seeing is The Crossing of the Fulcrum™ (mine don’t jack it). Bill is also right when he says “It’s not a traditional America anymore.” He means it’s not a guaranteed white led America anymore.

Up until the last few years integration was tolerated because the “traditional America” still held all the cards. As I remarked to someone about this subject, it’s like a pet. We can love them, share our food with them, even trust them with our children and regard them as members of our family even to the point we’d fight others over them. But that’s all contingent upon us maintaining control over them. As soon as that control is threatened by being bit or whatever, the arrangement is no longer agreeable.

What I’ve seen from many throughout the course of the election is their surprise at the types of comments coming from people they regarded as friends – people saying things that they probably don’t realize are offensive and wrong because it is what the culture is and has been. Let’s be clear, “traditional America”, “traditional American values” were forged in a cauldron of racism with an arrogance of superiority from one group over others. We all know the history. It is true whether the subject is race or religion. Some of our cultural normalcy has followed that type of ideology. Just because the laws were changed doesn’t mean some of the traditions and thoughts have as well. When you come to terms with that reality then you understand the malice behind some of the rhetoric. There is nothing wrong with tradition. However there is something wrong with tradition rooted in a past of prejudice, superiority, and ignorance. There is something even more wrong in trying to perpetuate it.

If we go purely by poll results, at least 50% are past those outdated ideals. It would be hard to quantify how many still want to stick to them. It would also be unfair to those that are on the opposing side but don’t agree with those traditions to even try. So it can be left to this. To those people who fit that characterization your legitimate opposing viewpoint is valid and respected. It is your duty to distance yourselves from that pariah in your party, group, friends, family and associates. You need to pull them aside and let them know that they are living in a past that was built upon committed wrongs. It is unfortunate that, as they stand in your ranks, your voices will be confused with theirs and you will be painted by the same brush that paints them.

To those that fall within that “traditional American values” category, that one that thinks an over ruling “White Establishment” is the proper order of things, know this, you are making yourself irrelevant in a society moving forward. You are also making others that side with the cause you have latched on to look bad. Time is not on your side. I understand change from what you are used to isn’t always pleasant. I’m not the biggest fan of it myself. We have to look at it though and see why it’s coming and why we fear it. Is there a real cause to be afraid or is it something we were raised to believe is something we should be afraid of? Or has the foundation of the construct of our society been one that exemplified a culture that brings about that fear? For multiple generations now people have accepted and understood the errors of the past. It’s time for you to do the same otherwise your irrelevance awaits you with open arms.

A re-elected Barack Hussein Obama signifies that shift of ideas in this country. It’s not a post-racial anything by any means but it is a tilting towards the other end of the balance beam. The first election could have been a fluke – something for the history books. The second says something more definitive in the ideals of many in this country. It says that we don’t have an issue being led by someone who does not look like the other 43 Presidents and we do have an issue with extremism and outdated ideologies. It also shows that many of the previously silent won’t be so any more.

“American”, “traditional values”, sometimes “Christian” and similar phrases are thrown around to incite fear in the hearts of people who feel a Manifest Destiny type right over what it is to be a legitimate American. The thing that Republicans and those in the extreme conservative camps are seeing and afraid of is the rise of historically marginalized groups increasingly unwilling to be victims of second class subjugation. Yes twenty years ago Obama would have been stomped in the election. Twenty years before that he would have been new to being allowed to vote. Twenty years before that there were water fountains that he couldn’t drink from because of the color of his skin. So the fact that he has won re-election to the office of President of the United States over that “white establishment” candidate in the midst of an extremely vitriolic conservative atmosphere is forward progress.  I am talking about a climate that has witnessed deliberate race baiting against him and minorities by elected officials and leaders of the movement, attempts to legislate voter suppression, and an overwhelming financial outlay to try to secure a victory for the beliefs that think those tactics are ok. That does say something positive about the people of America. It also says something about the idea of attempting to reach one facet of a more perfect union.

So yes Bill, we want stuff. We want stuff like equality in thought, word, and deed. We want stuff that isn’t a hand-me-down from the days when it was solely your stuff. We want the same stuff that you have benefited from and have held from us. We want stuff that is a part of the fabric of the nation not just a patchwork piece that is tolerated. We want stuff like a seat at the table and a name on the deed of the house it is in. We aren’t tenants, nor children to be patronized. We are cohabiters. Those that see things that way are becoming more the majority with each generation and unless you learn from the error of your ways you will evict yourselves. We won’t vindictively force you out but that stubborn unwillingness left inside of you will eat you alive from the inside out as things become more at odds with the past that you desperately cling to. Man does not change time, time changes man.

Jaylon Carter
Jaylon Carter is a blogger, social media marketing consultant, former Congressional Campaign Media & Communications Director, and a Hip Hop artist who performs under the stage name Timid (@timidmc). He also runs, a subscription newsletter informing parents of current happenings on the Internet.

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