Michelle Obama Speech at the DNC

Michelle Obama at the DNC 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama addressed the 2012 Democratic National Convention putting a focus on her relationship with Barack, family, and struggle. Admittedly she almost lost me in the beginning. It started off a bit slow for me, describing her familial relationships and Barack’s busted old car. However the story paved the way for her to be able to drive the point home. That point? That an Obama presidency and the President cares about family, fairness, and helping others.

Michelle really spoke to an idea of progress and moving forward together. She communicated very specific ideas that combated the opposing viewpoint without mentioning any of them directly. The GOP tends to push agendas that favor those already succeeding or reinforce a greedy and dehumanizing idea of trickle down success that doesn’t work.

A couple stabs at the GOP mentality had to do with women being capable of making decisions about their own bodies and that the Obama’s couldn’t have went to college without financial aid opportunities.

Mitt Romney took a jab or two as well as Michelle spoke of her husband.

And he believes that when you’ve worked hard, and done well, and walked through that doorway of opportunity…you do not slam it shut behind you…you reach back, and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed.

Ouch, don’t bring Mittens to a match where boxing gloves are needed. See what I did there?

Watch Michelle Obama’s full DNC speech. Read Michelle Obama’s full transcript on the next page.

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