Let’s Play Find The Racism With Donald Trump and Jon Stewart

Trump Calls Stewart Rant Racist

He’s back ladies and gentleman. Donald Trump has taken to his YouTube channel to post another message in his From The Desk Of Donald Trump vlog series. This time he takes aim at the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart for his ridicule of Republican Herman Cain’s poorly executed defense of the sexual harassment allegations against him. Trump says that Stewart’s rant was racist and questions how Jon is able to get away with it but others like Imus get pulled off the air.

“Nobody else could pull that off,” Trump said. “Where is Rev. Jackson? Where s Rev. Sharpton? Where are all the critics that if somebody else did it, it would be a disaster?”

Now I know, Trump is only looking for attention. I know it was the numerous media articles that took him serious last time when he claimed to be running for the presidency that gave his fake foray into politics seem like it had solid support when there really wasn’t anything to talk about. And Jay Smooth was right about not feeding the trolls. So I’m just going to toss the troll a quick breadcrumb then move on.

I’ve watched the Stewart clip and I heard no remarks that were even close to being in the neighborhood of racism or offensive to the black community. Apparently though the Donald knows better because of his “great relationship with the Blacks.”  This is of course another attempt at Donald Trump looking for attention. Check the Stewart video then Trump’s response following it if you are very bored. Help me find the racism because I obviously fail at this version of Where’s Waldo.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

From The Desk Of Donald Trump: Jon Stewart

It’s actually pretty sad that Donald Trump feels the need for attention like this. I guess it’s really hard for Trump to bounce back from his failed rap career.


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