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Washington Post troll Joseph Curl decided to take it upon himself to use the death of Hip Hop’s Adam Yauch aka MCA of the pioneer group the Beastie Boys to take a jab at Obama. All class indeed. This is a glaring example of the fuel that feeds the fires of today’s highly polarized society, vitriolic commentary, and racially divisive and bigoted speech. How it must feel to live as a hate monger. I can’t imagine waking up thinking about how to use the recent passing of someone to take someone else down a peg and at the same time bring down the deceased at the same time. That’s very special.

Curl took to the Post to call out Obama for not commenting on the death of MCA. He cites some celebrities that spoke on the passing of Yauch and even a shout out from Senator Chuck Schumer. Yes THE Chuck Schumer. From New York state like MCA. Born in Brooklyn, like MCA.  Seems like there might be a bit more of a connection between the two of them. I just can’t pinpoint it. Shout out to Schumer though for the recognition. Good ol’ Joe also compares statements made by the White House on the passing of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston while defiling them as well to make a point. His point?

The president took time from his busy schedule to comment on the passing of black musicians.

I see what you did there Joe. Now let me try. Ch-Check It Out. So Obama didn’t speak on the passing of MCA because he wasn’t black? Did you or any of your brood comment on the passing of important Hip Hop figures like Heavy D (2011), Guru (2010), Grandmaster Roc Raida (2009), or Mr. Magic (2009)? All very important Hip Hop figures, legends and icons. All the real deal. All died while Obama was in office. I don’t remember them getting any mentions from the White House, Obama, or You. Oh wait, I wasn’t following the rules of your game. I’m sorry, they are all black. Ok how about Nujabes (2010). Perhaps that Hip Hop icon doesn’t count because he’s Japanese. Well what about Eyedea (2010)? Did you give your condolences to him? The point is you are yapping about something you know nothing about in an attempt to make a bigoted and very stupid point.

Let’s play your game and take it a step further. Your by line says you covered Washington for a decade for the Post. So you would have covered it when there was a white president. Ok now to find a black, Hip Hop legend that passed away during that time. I think Jam Master Jay (2004) of Run DMC fits Hip Hop Legend in every sense of the phrase. Uh oh Joe, I’ve googled “Jam Master Jay” and “Joseph Curl” and there is only one single result that has the two names even together. Google. It. Yourself. If you are the Joseph Curl mentioned in the summary of that one result, you’ve got some explaining to do. In the meantime, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. You have offended my family, and you have offended the Shaolin temple.

Shaolin - Statin Island

Ain't nothing to f*ck with!

A few of Curl’s highlights of the trolling of Obama are to point out his half white status. Yes I said status, as he didn’t acquire that honor in the eyes of those like Curl, the Republican party and the rest of the conservatives until it looked like he was going to win the nomination and had a shot at winning. In a country historically known for a strict adherence to the one drop rule, Obama suddenly became “half white” when there was value to him apparently. Curl apparently wants to milk that value for whatever he can get out of it.

Now on to this disrespect to MCA himself. As a Hip Hopper, icon and humanitarian, one could easily make the assumption that Yauch would be uncomfortable with you using him as means to make a racially divisive and unnecessary point to get attention. You put a man that MSBC wrote “brought social consciousness to the Beastie Boys“, who MTV noted was “passionate about the cause of Tibetan freedom“, who the Huffington Post stated is “Remembered For Tibetan Activism, Freedom Concerts” and NPR recognized as “the group’s most outspoken member on social justice issues“, in your twisted sense of smug vitriolic hate filled righteousness. According to Politico, you have reduced this man’s status to that of a “political football“.

Joseph Curl. You sir, are what the Internet calls a Troll.

not like a boss

Not even a little bit.

Dammit, I’ve just broken the first rule of not feeding them. Again. Le sigh.


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