Hackeny Bystander Yells At Rioters To Get It Together

The London riots all started because of a young man getting shot by police. On its third day, the riots have now spread to a third city. Unfortunately it seems what started as a protest for a cause has turned into opportunistic thievery and mayhem. One Hackney person isn’t amused.

Truth is, even though it’s a riot the people coming together for a cause is what power is afraid of. If there was a bit of organization and direction to the outrage then things would be able to get done. Instead, this move to action is going to just go down as a missed opportunity.

These rioters are destroying their own neighborhoods and will then have to wake up the next morning to a

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crap hole they created. This is where movements always fail.


Jaylon Carter

Jaylon Carter is a blogger, social media marketing consultant, former Congressional Campaign Media & Communications Director, and a Hip Hop artist who performs under the stage name Timid (@timidmc). He also runs NetBuzzDigest.com, a subscription newsletter informing parents of current happenings on the Internet.

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2 Responses

  1. L. Taz Hicks says:

    It all started as a united stand against a corrupt political system but, some oppurtunist turned into a “smash and grab” crime spree. Someone needs to hand those youth a dictionary so they can fully understand what a Revolution is! I wonder if half of them know why they are rioting. I personally don’t believe in the pillaging but, I like and respect reasoning for the riot. The youth in America need to look at what’s happening and think about doing something similiar because there is a wrongful death by police shooting almost everyday in the US and most of them go unheard of.

  1. August 9, 2011

    […] On it’s third day, the riots in the UK have spread. At it’s inception there was a purpose, outrage of the shooting of man by police but that is no longer the case. […]

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