Glenn Beck Trolls The Civil Rights Movement

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I struggled to decide whether or not to do this post because the number one rule of the Internet is “Don’t feed the trolls.” If there was a troll league Glenn Beck would be in the hall of fame. If there was a troll government Glenn Beck would be in its congress. If there were toll taking trolls Glenn Beck would be stationed at the Golden Gate Bridge. I think you get the idea. The problem with Beck’s trolling this time is the egregious nature of said troll duties. Glenn invokes the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his troll efforts this time.

“We are the ones that have the righteous calling for the civil rights movement. We are the ones. When you try to say that Martin Luther King would have been there with the rapes and the murders and everything else with Occupy Wall Street, I’m sorry, you are wrong.” – Glenn Beck

What? So Glenn Beck, ultra conservative sufferer of perpetual mouth diarrhea, is trying to co-opt the Civil Rights movement and Dr. King for his personal insanity? Now if he was just a ranting lunatic on a street corner that would be one thing but this guy has a huge audience who will listen.

Now, I never knew Dr. King personally, however, I would be able to assume from what he worked towards and accomplished, combined with the fact that Dr. King contemporaries like Angela Davis has spoke at the protests, that he would be more in line with the Occupy movement than Beck wants you to believe. This practice of spin is widely utilized when trying to gain favor from your audience. Dr. King’s status and the Civil Rights Movement is largely regarded as a great part of America’s history by public opinion. Invoking that energy to support your argument would tend to liken you to the idea behind those times. The idea in this case is that Glenn Beck is on the side of the people and righteousness even though the truth is the conservatives were the one’s against Dr. King and all that the movement was trying to accomplish. We are forty plus years later though and now it’s a history that belongs to us all and obviously Troll Beck has no problem trying to cannibalize those ideals for his own ends.

Sorry but I’m not buying it.


In the words of Jay-Z, “We don’t believe you, you need more people!”

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