Dr. Oz Vindicated On Apple Juice Arsenic Claims

Dr. Oz

Remember when Dr. Oz  caused a huge controversy over arsenic levels in apple juice and the FDA and other medical professionals jumped down his throat? Oz was accused of various things the least of which was trying to cause a panic. The FDA  and others said that Oz’s method of testing for arsenic in apple juice was unscientific and therefore incorrect. They went on TV and said  he did not do the correct tests so his information was wrong. Dr. Oz stuck to his guns and refused to back down and now it turns out he was right.

Dr. Oz is all class in that clip. I was kind of hoping that he would stand on top of the desk grab his crotch and do several air thrusts while screaming “Suck it!” You don’t mess with Team Oprah. Kudos to Dr. Oz standing his ground in this matter. If anyone ever wonders why things are difficult to change, correct or fix this should be a classic example. Dr. Oz stood up for what he believed was an important concern and was ostracized for it. The FDA and the industry that produces apple juice attacked Dr. Oz first instead of conducting the tests to verify his findings. Big business is not interested in the health concerns of the customers if it’s going to force them to change a practice that may be less profitable for them. They are more interested in the profit than in producing and distributing a quality and safe product.

This is why industries need regulations because they won’t regulate themselves responsibly. The juice maker’s response, as paraphrased from the above clip, was that the government should set an acceptable limit of arsenic. A responsible company, one that cares about its products and customers, would look at those arsenic levels and take steps on their own to reduce the risks. As Dr. Oz pointed out when he first brought up this issue,  apple juice is something that is supposed to be healthy for our children and we give it to them under the assumption that it’s safe.

Findings of a Consumer Reports investigation about arsenic and lead levels in apple juice and grape juice have prompted the organization to call for government standards to limit consumers’ exposure to these toxins. – Consumer Reports tests juices for arsenic and lead

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Anything that goes against standard practices in industry will first meet with the an attempt to discredit the presenter and the information. This is a problem. We should always stand on the side of caution especially when providing products that are distributed to the masses and even more so when it’s a part of our food supply. It’s the same with genetically modified foods. We have a right to know what is in the food that we are putting  in our mouths and  feeding to our children. A responsible company or industry would take it upon themselves to inform the public at large. That’s basic humanity. This is where the government’s responsibility to the people comes in to play. The government should always represent the interests of the people and make sure this type of information is disclosed.



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