Coming Out As Gay Experiment gets YouTuber spit in his face

Will Is Everything - Coming Out to Strangers Experiment

YouTuber, Alan Sinclair also known by the channel name Will Is Everything, hits the campus of a university for a social experiment. Although he is not gay, he comes out to strangers to get their reaction. Although the majority of reactions shown were positive, one person literally spits in his face.

The good news is, there were far more good reactions in the video. Some even recognized the plight of the stranger before them and attempted to be there for him – one went so far as to offer to walk with him to the LBGT resource center on campus.

This video shows how far we’ve come in regards to how homosexuality is viewed in our society today. I would have expected more reactions like the guy who spit in his face in perhaps the 80’s and beyond. These college kids mostly grew up in a world where being gay wasn’t as unheard of as it might have been in their parents generation. There were probably several openly gay students and couples in their high schools. It has become a new norm where the old fears and stigmas never applied.

While some still harbor previously acceptable ideals that see homosexuality as something that offends them, this new normal is even more evident with the recent landmark Supreme Court decision in the Obergefell v. Hodges case in favor of marriage equality making same-sex marriage legal throughout the country.

This isn’t Alan’s first foray into social experiments with heavy topics. Last year he did an experiment to see how people would react to a stranger revealing they had severe depression and thoughts of suicide. At one point in that video Alan had several strangers around him trying showing love and compassion to someone who they thought was dealing with despair. Alan held character as he sat in the semi-circle while receiving encouragement. Another person, a male, sat down next to Alan as he pretended to cry then offered to treat him to a drink while they talked.


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