NY’s Large Drink Ban, Where Do You Stand?

This week the New York City Board of Health, at the behest of Mayor Billionaire Bloomberg, approved a ban on large sugary drinks. Seeking to reduce runaway obesity rates, the New York City Board of Health on Thursday approved a ban on the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, street carts […]

Monsanto BT Toxin Corn Is Ready For Your Plate, Among 17 Year Low Yield

Monsanto, probably the world’s most controversial company, is ready to hit shelves with their GMO sweet corn. Frankencorn, as some call it, MON 810 aka YieldGard as Monsanto calls it, has been genetically modified to resist its own Roundup herbicide and insects. The corn is engineered to contain Bt toxin, which tears up the digest system […]

Dr. Oz Vindicated On Apple Juice Arsenic Claims

Remember when Dr. Oz  caused a huge controversy over arsenic levels in apple juice and the FDA and other medical professionals jumped down his throat? Oz was accused of various things the least of which was trying to cause a panic. The FDA  and others said that Oz’s method of testing for arsenic in apple […]

Will Senate Democrats protect Medicare and Medicaid?

There is a petition going around to get Senate Democrats to commit to a position on cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. So far, many have been tight-lipped about their stance on the subject. This is one of the biggest problems with the Democrats. They are too weak to take a position. The Republican party and, […]

Writer’s Inappropriate Jab At Steve Jobs’ Alternative Medicine Use

The headline that attracted my attention on Yahoo News was “Did Alternative Medicine Kill Steve Jobs? Well with that type of title you expect some sort of adverse reaction from an alternative treatment or a direct action resulting in Steve Jobs death. The article contains none of that. The article, seemingly aggregated from which […]

Japanese Government To Spread Radioactive Rubble From Fukushima All Over Japan

  As if the Japanese people haven’t had it bad enough the Japanese government now wants to spread the radiated rubble from the Fukushima area around the country. The first stop is Japan’s most known city and home to the busiest intersection on the planet, Tokyo. Because obviously not enough people have been affected by […]

Dr. Oz vs. FDA Over Arsenic In Apple Juice

Dr. Oz, heart surgeon and talk show host, went on his tv show recently and warned consumers about the arsenic levels in the Apple Juice we drink and give to our kids. He had several off the counter brands of apple juice sent to a lab in New Jersey and tested for their arsenic content. […]

Tea Partier’s Applaud Letting The Uninsured Die

Ron Paul was asked a hypothetical question by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer during the Tea Party debates regarding whether or not a 30-year-old man who had a terrible accident should be left to die if he had no medical insurance. There was a brief burst, from a few members of the audience, of applause and a […]

Honey Treats Coughs Better Than Drugs

A new study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine shows what your grandparents or great grandparents already knew, that honey helps to soothe coughs and does it better than drugs. The use of honey as medicine goes further back than the ancient Egyptians who used honey for all sorts of purposes. Aside […]

$9.4 million NIH-Backed Study Includes Research Of Penis Size in Gay Community

Ok, all sensationalism aside, someone in the marvelous think tank (sarcasm) called the US government thought it was a good idea to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a study, by the National Institutes of Health, that examined what effect a gay man’s penis size Vaseline what After cymbalta reviews depression non-overpowering because. Likes […]

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