Casey Anthony Aquitted Of Murder Charges

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony is not guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of her two-year-old daughter Caylee Marie.

The verdict came down in the Casey Anthony murder case. The 12 member jury found Anthony not guilty across the board on murder charges of her daughter Caylee Marie. Casey was however found guilty of providing valses information to police.

The nation and Florida residents closest to the case are expressing shock and disbelief at the jury’s findings. Comparisons to the OJ verdict immediately cropped up. Quotes of “justice failed” and the like are quickly spreading all over the Internet like wildfire.

Did it?

Admittedly, by some interviewed by the media post verdict, the evidence was largely circumstantial. Everyone knew it from the beginning. Emotions aside, court cases have to look at the facts only. Did the media and the fact it was a child temper your feelings? If your emotions were removed from the case would the prosecution’s logic stand up?

One thing is for sure though, Casey Anthony, in the minds of most will always believe she got away with it.

Is the Casey Anthony verdict correct based on evidence?

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