America Flying Drones Over 6 Countries

Unmanned Drone

Somalia is now the sixth country over which the United States is flying attack drones.

The 6th country. Now I’m not saying the situation in Somalia isn’t dire and that people don’t need help. However being involved in 6 foreign conflicts at the same time while the citizens of the United States are going through difficult economic times is irresponsible.

While America is facing a possible government shut down due to budgetary issues and politicians in DC were shamed into cutting their vacation short to work it out, it’s not hard to think that these conflicts are one place where money can be diverted from.
USA Budget Pie Chart 2011
Pie Chart from

If the money spent on these military operations were used to either fund domestic projects or eliminated from the budget to borrow less then the country would be in better shape.

“You’ve got money for war but can’t feed the poor.” – Tupac Shakur


Jaylon Carter

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