9/11 First Responders Not Invited To 10 Year Memorial Either

Sorry 9/11 First Responders but you're not invited. You look nice though.

The 10 year anniversary date of the September 11 tragedy is getting closer. The 10 year memorial event will be held in New York City at the new 9/11 Memorial. As with many Big Apple extravaganzas, the guest list is exclusive. Actual survivors of the devastation of what happened on 9/11 aren’t on the list and it also appears that the first responders aren’t either. Mayor Bloomberg is again citing the same excuse that there is not enough space to accommodate those that answered the call and put their lives at risk to help their fellow human beings.

These are the men and women that helped the nation get through that terrible day 10 years ago. Bloomberg went on the view September 6, 2011 and responded to the criticism when asked by saying, “We only have so much room. Families come first.” Those would be the families of those that died, not of those that survived, the survivors themselves or the first responders. These are the first responders who some of which are suffering from diseases they got that day due to the things they were exposed too. The same one’s that government had to debate on whether or not to help them with health care for the afflictions they received. Nice gratitude, sounds similar to how veterans are treated after putting their lives on the line. With these examples, I don’t think I’ll put myself in that role of first responder in Atari’s 911: First Responders video game. I’m seeing the ending of the game and it doesn’t look to fun.

Either he was thinking about the sweet cake he'll receive at the 10 year memorial in the future or he was wore out from saving lives. I'm going with the cake.

Is this how we show gratitude? Is this how we say, “Thank you?”

The first responders were made up of hundreds of fire personnel, police, medics and many other brave individuals that acted to save the lives of others without regard for their own.  Some of these men and women served for weeks searching through the hazardous debris looking for any last remnant of life. Those actions commend great respect and recognition.  Instead, as the 10th anniversary approaches, these individuals are being met with a total slap in the face, by barring them from an event that should naturally include them.

Again, the reasoning is that there is not enough room to accommodate everyone. This may be true but surely room can be made somewhere. This is an event in our nation’s history that was repeatedly highlighted by the fact that these people, these fellow citizens came together to help in the nation’s time of need. A moment that exemplified the first word of our nation’s name, United. At least that’s how the politicians and melodramatic media marketed the idea whenever they needed ratings or approval points. How about moving the ceremony to Central Park for example to hold a memorial service that includes all those that put in time that day and the families that lost loved one’s. Sure it’s not the actual Ground Zero but a day of remembrance that allows a coming together instead of a further division of groups makes more sense no?

There is some good news for First Responders though, apparently the FBI, after extensive investigation in to their background and private lives, has deemed they aren’t terrorists so now they are allowed to get help from the government with the health afflictions and diseases they contracted from being on the scene on September 11th. So…you’re welcome?

I suppose in this case first means last.



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